About SoftHackles

I love spider patterns. I love tying them on cold winter nights. I love seeing them in my fly box and of course I love to fish them.

SoftHackles is a blog about my spider, flymph and soft hackle wet fly patterns. Being something of minimalist at heart, I love the elegant sparseness of these patterns. I also love the sense of history and tradition that surrounds this type of fly and I find it fascinating that they are still excellent takers of trout, especially on those hard difficult days.

We know spider type patterns are very effective on running water but how about in our lochs? That is something that I am really keen to explore. I fished one full season using only dubbed bodied spider patterns in the lochs I fish. During the course of this season, I will continue to fish using just spiders, flymphs and soft hackles and see what happens. New for this season, I tied a fly box leaf of North Country style spiders and added a leaf of hackled PTNs. How will my new selection of North Country style of patterns work out on the lochs this season?

I do not profess to be an expert, I’m not selling anything nor affiliated to any angling company. I’m Just a normal angler. This is my blog and I hope you enjoy it.

Tight Lines!


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